CONGO: 35,000 children educated about environmental protection in Pointe-Noire

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CONGO : 35 000 enfants sensibilisés à la protection de l’environnement à Pointe-Noire© Congo Terminal

In Pointe-Noire, the economic capital of the Republic of Congo, located in the extreme south of the country, 35,000 children were made aware of environmental protection in 2022. This is the result of the annual assessment of the partnership between the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Renatura and Terminal Congo, the operator of the Pointe-Noire container terminal. The two entities have trained more than 300,000 children since the beginning of their operation in 2005.

In 2022, the operator of the container terminal in Pointe-Noire, a port city in the far south of the Republic of Congo, renewed its support for the nature conservation organisation Renatura. “The more people know about the dangers of pollution and what to do about it, the better chance we have of preserving our ecosystem,” says Anthony Samzun, managing director of Congo Terminal, a Bolloré Ports concession.

On 13 December 2022, during the presentation of the annual report of the Congo Terminal and Renatura partnership, the two actors noted with satisfaction the environmental awareness of 35,000 children during the year 2022. “For a city with a population of about 1 million, we are happy to have raised awareness among about one in three people. At the beginning our efforts were not significant, but the support of Congo Terminal has been an accelerator. We intend to continue this momentum so that each family increases its commitment to preserving the environment,” explains Nathalie Mianseko, the director of Renatura Congo. This annual report brings the number of children who have been made aware of environmental protection to 300,000 since the operation began in 2005.

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In addition to raising environmental awareness, Renatura and its partner are working to teach eco-responsible behaviour and knowledge of endangered species, particularly marine turtles. These activities are aimed at schoolchildren in Pointe-Noire and the surrounding area, as well as the families of Terminal Congo’s nearly 900 employees. In August 2022, during the review of their partnership, the two partners agreed to extend their awareness-raising activities to the population by broadcasting messages and television documentaries highlighting the good practices of companies in favour of biodiversity preservation.

Boris Ngounou

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