CAMEROON: Yaoundé City Hall reorganizes urban waste collection

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CAMEROUN : la mairie de Yaoundé réorganise la collecte des déchets urbains©Hysacam

The company Hygiène et salubrité du Cameroun (Hysacam) is no longer responsible for the collection and transportation of household waste in the Yaoundé 3 district, according to a press release issued on January 12, 2023 by the company, which cited reasons beyond its control. The situation arose from the desire of the city authorities to liberalize the cleaning service in Yaoundé.

The company Hygiene and Health of Cameroon (Hysacam) no longer has a monopoly on the collection and transport of household waste in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. The third district of the city (Yaoundé 3) has been removed from the Hysacam work network since January 1, 2023. This is what the company said in a statement it issued on January 12, 2023. “You know that the cleanliness of the city is essentially the responsibility of the City Council . And it has deemed it useful to reorganize this important service in Yaoundé. That said, Hysacam will continue to collect, transport and treat household waste in the other six districts of the city,” explains Innocent Ebode, Hysacam’s Communications Manager.

Thus, the service of collection and transport of household waste in the third district of Yaoundé, which includes the administrative center of the city will be assigned to a new operator, which is yet to be determined by the municipality, which has not yet made an exit to this effect.

This decision by the Yaoundé city authorities reduces the market share of the company, which until now has held a monopoly on waste collection and treatment in Cameroon, with waste management contracts in 17 other cities in the Central African country.

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With an average annual turnover of 53 million euros (34.7 billion CFA francs), Hysacam is equipped with 600 heavy sanitation vehicles, including mechanical sweepers, crane trucks, as well as recently acquired garbage trucks and box carriers. In addition to Cameroon, its activities extend to Monrovia in Liberia, Nimey in Niger, N’djamena in Chad and Cotonou in Benin. The company collects 5,000 tons of waste daily in the five African countries. For its post-collection operations, the company also has two biogas collection and treatment plants based in Yaoundé and Douala in Cameroon. Hysacam has spent 12 billion CFA francs (18.2 million euros) on these infrastructures, creating 500 jobs.

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