CAMEROON: Mobilizing 1 million private sector actors for climate action

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CAMEROON: Mobilizing 1 million private sector actors for climate action©Sidoine Mbogni/Shutterstock

In Cameroon, the Game Changers project has a two-year timeframe to mobilize one million private sector actors towards a low-carbon business model. The operation is funded by the United Kingdom with $13,000. It is part of the start-up of the UK government's Climate Diplomacy Fund.

The British High Commission in Cameroon supports private sector engagement in climate action. The diplomatic representation sets a target of one million Cameroonians in the private sector switching to low-carbon business models by 2024. “As the long-term implications of COP26 unfold, business, industry and SMEs are being asked to embrace and advance ambitious carbon neutrality targets that governments and politicians have not sufficiently achieved to date,” says Christian Dennys-McClure, the British High Commissioner to Cameroon.

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This mobilization of the Cameroonian private sector for climate action will be carried out within the framework of the Game Changers project, a coalition of actors who are aware of the negative impacts of their activities on the environment and the climate in particular, and who have the will to change things by taking measures to mitigate the effects. For this mission, the British High Commission has allocated a grant of £10,000, just over $13,000. “Private sector engagement is essential in tackling climate change and other environmental challenges. They can take important steps to reduce their carbon footprint while providing the resources to scale up existing solutions that address these challenges,” says Patu Ndango Fen, the Game Changers project coordinator.

This campaign is part of the UK government’s Climate Diplomacy Fund (CDF) start-up. This is a commitment made by the UK at COP26. The CDF finances sectoral actions to accelerate transitions to clean growth in the global economy.

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