BURKINA FASO: Buy-Us Solar launches solar-powered irrigation project

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BURKINA FASO: Buy-Us Solar launches solar-powered irrigation project©Buy-Us Solar

On February 4th, 2021, Buy-Us Solar launched a project in Burkina Faso to irrigate using solar energy. The Burkinabe supplier of solar motor pumps hopes to contribute to the development of irrigated agriculture in this Sahelian country.

The project aims to “reduce farmers’ working hours while boosting their production”. This is the aim of the “Irrigate with solar energy” project recently launched in Burkina Faso by the company Buy-Us Solar.

As part of this project, the Burkinabe company will offer farmers its solar-powered motor pump, called “Futurepomp SF2”. This equipment was presented to the public at the launch ceremony of the irrigation project. Each Burkinabe farmer will be able to purchase the motor pump for an average cost of 475,000 CFA francs, i.e. more than 724 euros.

The support of AECF Africa

“During our various surveys, farmers have expressed the wish to have a reliable solution that allows them to obtain water at a lower cost. This was impossible with ordinary motor pumps running on expensive fuel. So, we set up ‘Futurepomp SF2’,” explains Fleur Tapsoba, marketing manager of Buy-Us Solar.

The device is equipped with two solar panels of 60 W each and a suction pipe 7 m deep and 8 m high. The solar motor pump has a capacity of 3.6 m3/hour with a horizontal delivery of more than 500 m and is capable of irrigating ½ hectare to 1 hectare depending on the crop and the watering plan. Buy-Us Solar benefits from the support of AECF Africa (The African Enterprise Challenge Fund) in the implementation of its solar irrigation project.

Inès Magoum

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