BURKINA FASO: AEM launches a call for projects for water and sanitation

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BURKINA FASO: AEM launches a call for projects for water and sanitation©Jose M. Peral Photography/Shutterstock

In Burkina Faso, the Mouhoun Water Agency (AEM) supports the government's Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES), which aims to improve water and sanitation services for the population. The public interest grouping is looking for structures with project ideas to achieve this goal. Proposals are due no later than November 5th, 2021.

The call for expressions of interest is open since October 2nd, 2021. According to the Mouhoun Water Agency (AEM), the call for expression of interest concerns public or private project owners. These are the technical departments in charge of water and sanitation, agriculture, environment, animal resources, town halls of the communes and which intervene in the area of competence of the AEM. Civil society organizations and local water committees may also bid.

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The projects will have to deal with the development of watersheds, the recovery of degraded lands, the development of river banks and water reservoirs, the protection, rehabilitation and realization of hydraulic works for the mobilization of water resources, the realization or maintenance of facilities for the treatment of wastewater, the development of water access corridors, the contribution to the mitigation of the effects of climate change, the management of conflicts related to water as well as the fight against invasive aquatic plants. Proposals are expected at the secretariat of the WEA General Management, in Dédougou on the road to Bobo-Dioulasso by November 5th, 2021.

The WEA Basin Committee will review and select the projects before February 20th, 2022. The Water Financial Contribution (WFC) will provide funding for the projects. Funding for the selected structures will be provided through a funding agreement signed between the WEA and the recipient structure. The agreement will specify the terms and conditions for releasing the grant and the conditions for justifying expenditures. The HEA indicates that the selected projects will have to be carried out during the period from March 1 to December 15, 2022.

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The ultimate goal is to rationalize available water resources, as well as to combat the waste pollution that affects ecosystems in Burkina Faso.

For more information on the call for projects, click here.

Inès Magoum

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