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LACROIX Sofrel - May 2018

French leader in the field of remote control and management of water networks (remote management), LACROIX Sofrel as a member of the AfWA (African Water Association) has been supplying many African water operators for more than 30 years.

With over 4,500 hydraulic installations equipped with Sofrel remote management equipment on the African continent, LACROIX Sofrel is a recognised player for the performance of its solutions, their robustness and ease of use. From waterproof and autonomous data loggers to modular remote management stations enabling it to adapt to any type of installation, LACROIX Sofrel offers solutions covering all needs for remote management of the water cycle (solutions for optimising water resource management, security of supply and improving network efficiency (reducing leaks), controlling wastewater treatment and monitoring discharges into the natural environment.

GAMME LS - LACROIX Sofrel - May 2018

In a world where we talk more and more about connected technologies, LACROIX Sofrel brings its IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions to help Africa to better preserve its water resources and protect its environment.

Latest generation data loggers for monitoring water networks

SOFREL LX data loggers are the latest additions to the SOFREL range and are divided into 2 product families: SOFREL LS for drinking water networks and SOFREL LT for waste water.

Perfectly waterproof, offering up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to their high capacity lithium battery, equipped with a high performance 2G/3G antenna, the LX data loggers are compatible with all water network instrumentation. Totally dedicated to the continuous monitoring and improvement of network performance, they offer water operators an optimal solution for the 24-hour control of installations without electricity. Their business functions enable them to respond effectively to the:

– remote meter reading,

– sectorisation of networks,

– dynamic pressure management,

– self-monitoring and permanent diagnosis,

– rainfall,

– water quality and physicochemical measurements…

Very simple to implement and easy to use thanks to the SOFREL PCWin2 and WEB LS centralisation software, the LX data loggers are also open to all SCADA systems on the market and third-party applications of major water operators.

Full remote data transmission

Remote transmission of sensor data is based on the reliability of the antenna and a communication protocol that guarantees complete data availability. Pre-processed data (average flows, maxi, night, volumes, heights…) flow every day. They are compiled in dashboards and curves to facilitate their analysis.

NIAMEY (22) - LACROIX Sofrel - May 2018

The operator has an overview of his network and is alerted in case of drift.

By combining performance, robustness, simplicity and durability, SOFREL LX data loggers are part of the transformation towards intelligent water networks. They enable operators and communities to optimize resource management, improve network performance or control releases to the environment. They thus contribute to a sustainable development and SMART ENVIRONMENT approach.



About LACROIX Sofrel

For over 40 years, LACROIX Sofrel has been designing and marketing remote management equipment for water (drinking water and sanitation) and energy networks (heating networks, boiler rooms, climatic installations, etc.). LACROIX Sofrel, market leader, invests 10% of its turnover each year in Research and Development in order to offer its customers solutions combining innovation, performance, robustness and ease of use. With 150 employees, LACROIX Sofrel achieves a turnover of 37 €M of which 25% abroad.

LACROIX Sofrel is part of the LACROIX Group (3700 people – 360 €m turnover)

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