BENIN: $20 million call for projects on clean and off-grid energy

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BENIN: $20 million call for projects on clean and off-grid energy© Helene Munson/Shutterstock

The second call for proposals entitled "Clean Energy Facility Off-Grid" has been launched in Benin. Applicants have until March 9, 2019, to submit their projects. The offer is made by the Millennium Challenge Account-Benin II (MCA-Benin II) to facilitate access to energy in rural areas in Benin.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Benin II (MCA-Benin II) launched the second call for project proposals entitled the “Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility” (OCEF). Projects will have to cover four areas: off-grid energy for public infrastructure, decentralised energy production and distribution, household energy systems and energy efficiency measures. Through this initiative, the MCA6 Benin II aims to identify the best projects capable of facilitating access to energy in Benin in order to finance them up to $20 million. Each selected project will receive, at most, 75% of its total investment.

The call is addressed to national and international private companies, NGOs, public entities, community organisations and energy efficiency project promoters. These projects must be located at least 7 km from the existing network. But all localities in Benin are eligible for energy efficiency projects.

Projects must be submitted by 8 March 2018 via the OCEF website. The signing of the grant agreement for the selected projects will be concluded in October 2019.

OCEF is a component of the “Off-Grid Electricity Access Project” of the MCA-Benin II programme, which aims to “increase access to electricity for the currently underserved population in rural and peri-urban areas of Benin by reducing barriers to investment in the off-grid electricity sector”.

Luchelle Feukeng

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