ALGERIA: Government launchesdrinking water programme in Medea city

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A drinking water programme has recently been launched in the town of Médéa, a district in the Wilaya of Médéa, 60 km south-west of Algiers. The objective is to improve the water supply to the population.

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Drinking water supply problems in the city of Médéa could be solved within five years. The Algerian government launched a “special” programme on March 12, 2020 for the supply of drinking water to Médéa. The project will run from 2020 to 2024.

The chief town of the Wilaya of Medea, located 60 km south-west of Algiers, the capital of Algeria, receives drinking water every third day. In recent years, the share of each household – already very insufficient – has been reduced due to population growth and leaks in Medea’s outdated water networks.

The “special” drinking water supply programme launched in Médéa provides for the extension of drinking water pipes and the rehabilitation of water pumping stations located on the Ghrib dam (in the commune of Oued-Chorfa in the Wilaya of Ain-Defla) and on the gorges of the Chiffa river. In addition, three dams will be built at Sidi Ali (a commune of El-Hamdania), Boukemouri (a commune of Aziz) and Kharza (a commune of Sidi Ziane). These reservoirs will increase the water storage capacity of Medea.

As part of the new drinking water programme, the commune of Médéa should also be connected to the Koudiet Acerdoune system. The latter supplies most of the communes in the wilaya of Médéa. The Koudiet Acerdoune system should also be secured, in particular against climatic hazards and technical breakdowns that may occur on its network. “Feasibility studies are underway on these two components of the programme. The Koudiet Acerdoune system supplies almost 3 million citizens,” said Berraki Arezki, Algeria’s Minister of Water Resources.

Finally, a water reservoir will be built at the entrance to the Koudiet Acerdoune dam to increase storage capacity. The facility will be used for irrigation via the drip system.

The drinking water programme in Médéa is entirely financed by the Algerian State. Pending completion of the works, the drinking water supply in Médéa is provided by rainwater storage tanks.

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