ALGERIA: Extranet strengthens waste collection activities during lockdown (Covid-19)

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ALGERIA: Extranet strengthens waste collection during containment (Covid-19)©Ioan Panaite/Shutterstock

The Extranet company that manages waste in the wilayah (province) of Algiers has decided to double its waste collection passages. The aim is to adapt to the new way of life of the populations in a context marked by partial containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Algeria is one of the African countries most affected by Covid-19. According to the latest assessment by the authorities, the epidemic has already claimed 19 lives out of the 264 people who tested positive for the coronavirus. To limit the spread of the disease, the authorities have taken a series of decisions, including the total lockdown of the town of Blida and the partial lockdown of the wilayah of Algiers, as well as a night curfew.

In this context, Extranet, the company in charge of waste management in the 31 boroughs of Algiers, has made available to the Algerian authorities 8 tankers for disinfection of neighbourhoods in several boroughs. In order to cope with the change in behaviour of the populations, brought about by the containment measures, Extranet decided to reinforce its services. According to its director Mohamed Daoudia, the company has doubled its daytime waste collection patrols while maintaining night patrols, i.e. at 8 pm and 11 pm.

Keeping some employees on the field

With the partial containment in force in the wilayah of Algiers, people take out their garbage in the early hours of the morning, forcing Extranet agents to adjust to the new rate. To better manage the flow of waste, the company is putting into service its entire fleet of 315 tipper trucks that collect 1,700 tonnes of waste per day.

As far as personnel is concerned, Extranet has confined some of its employees, particularly administrative executives. But hygiene engineers, drivers and mechanics continue their service to ensure cleanliness in the 31 districts of the wilayah (province) of Algiers during this health crisis. The director of the public service company also indicates that about a hundred of its employees living near Blida have been demobilised. The populations of this city are confined for 10 days.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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