AFRICA: Treedom offers trees as a Christmas gift to farmers

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AFRICA: Treedom offers trees as a Christmas gift to farmers©jurgal/Shutterstock

Treedom, the web platform that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow its evolution online, has just launched a new concept. It consists of offering trees as Christmas gifts. An ecological way to wish a merry Christmas.

The African continent has a critical mass of Christians through which a reforestation campaign could be profitable. While in 1910, only 1% of Christians were in Africa, in 2010 there are about 23% of the world’s Christians, or 63% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa. It is in this context that Treedom’s new strategy comes into play, a web platform that makes it possible to plant a tree remotely and monitor its progress online. With Christmas 2020 in mind, the platform has created a link between this famous Christian holiday and reforestation.

Treedom thus offers the Christian faithful the opportunity to wish a merry Christmas to their loved ones by giving them a tree as a gift. Thanks to this concept, Africans can buy a virtual tree online, which will become a reality for the farmer. These trees do not only have an ecological advantage, as they produce fruit or cereals for the chosen farmer.

Since 2010, nearly 1.4 million trees have been planted.

Created in 2010, Treedom plants trees in agroforestry systems with the aim of protecting the environment and contributing to the food security of local communities. It has already planted 1.4 million trees in 17 countries around the world, supporting 83,000 farmers. The countries in which these trees have been planted the most are Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar and Tanzania. Prices range from 15 euros for a cocoa tree in Cameroon to 67 euros for a baobab tree in Kenya. “The mango trees bought on Treedom will be planted in Kenya by a small farmer. This mango tree brings food security to the farmer, a CO2 absorption of 700 kg per year. But also, the economic development of the farmer and the protection of the environment”, explains Juliette Rogala, Treedom manager.

In 2014, thanks to this business model, Treedom obtained the B Corp certification, a label for companies with high environmental and social performance.

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