AFRICA: Starlinger to supply PET recycling systems to two companies

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AFRICA: Starlinger to supply PET recycling systems to two companies©Starlinger

The Austrian Starlinger Group has received a new order to supply two PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle recycling systems in Ghana and Nigeria. The order was placed by the Mohinani Group, for its subsidiaries Polytank Ghana and Sonnex Packaging in Nigeria.

The partnership signed on 21 July 2022 covers the manufacture and installation of two bottle recycling systems in Ghana and Nigeria. The systems are Starlinger’s Recostar PET iV+ recycling systems, which are dedicated to the extrusion and pelletization of used plastic bottles.

The customer, the family-owned Mohinani Group based in Accra, Ghana, wants to use this equipment to reduce the environmental impact of its various subsidiaries. “We chose Starlinger’s equipment because of their extensive experience in PET recycling and their excellent technical service,” says Mohinani. The sorting equipment will be supplied by the Norwegian company Tomra.

A first in Ghana

According to Starlinger, the PET bottle recycling systems will be delivered in 2023. Up to 100% of the recycled bottles can be used for the production of preforms (the major part of a part to be manufactured and which requires further work to become a finished part) by Polytank Ghana and Sonnex Packaging.

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According to Starlinger, Polytank Ghana will supply its system through its partners and its own waste collection network. “We are the first to do this in Ghana, where there is no closed-loop recycling system yet,” says Mohinani. Other packaging producers in Ghana will also be able to buy PET bottles recycled by Polytank.

Inès Magoum

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