AFRICA: Nairobi hosts 2nd annual solar energy forum in September

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AFRICA: Nairobi hosts 2nd annual solar energy forum in September © pcruciatti/Shutterstock

The 2nd Annual African Solar Energy Forum will take place on 7-8 September 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya. This event will bring together government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts, entrepreneurs, as well as promoters of local and multinational companies.

The process of electrification has accelerated in recent years in Africa. This rapid evolution is due to the investments made, to the valorisation of public-private partnership (PPP) models and above all to the democratisation of solar energy. Large solar power plants are being built on the African continent to supply the national electricity grids. Autonomous solar systems provide electricity to businesses and power mini grids in rural areas. Innovations have also led to the development of containerised solar systems that enable the rapid electrification of households and small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.

Professionals from this very dynamic sector will meet in Nairobi, Kenya, for the 2nd Annual Solar Energy Forum to be held on 7-8 September 2021. They will have the opportunity to interact with local government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts, entrepreneurs and business developers. It will also be an opportunity to exchange information with representatives of major international solar companies and government agencies.

According to the organisers of the event, the forum will stimulate and strengthen direct and indirect cooperation within the international technical and business communities, which is a precondition for supporting the development of a sustainable solar industry in Africa.

For more information on the forum, click here.

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