AFRICA: Med’Innovant Africa 2020 will award innovations for the sustainable city

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AFRICA: Med'Innovant Africa 2020 will award innovations for the sustainable city©Euroméditerranée

Euroméditerranée, a French public urban development institution, is launching the 2020 edition of its Med'Innovant Africa competition dedicated to sustainable cities. Start-ups interested in this innovation competition are invited to apply before August 31, 2020.

The Med’Innovant Africa 2020 is launched. The second edition of this innovation competition is dedicated to the sustainable city, more than ever at the heart of urban development strategies in Africa. The aim of this competition is to stimulate the search for innovative solutions to imagine the resilient African and Mediterranean sustainable city of tomorrow.

“By putting resilience at the heart of this second edition, the objective of Med’Innovant Africa is to respond to three major challenges common to the Euroméditerranée perimeter and African territories: developing the shock resistance of cities, by strengthening the resilience and sustainability of territories; improving the response capacity through new digital tools; and promoting crisis communication at the local level,” says Euroméditerranée.

A godsend for African start-ups?

The Med’Innovant Africa competition was launched in 2019 by Euroméditerranée, a public urban development institution based in Marseille, France. The 2020 edition targets innovative start-ups in sectors such as renewable energy, health, mobility, housing, digital, security or the social and solidarity economy; all solutions being developed for the city of tomorrow. African start-ups interested in the Med’Innovant Africa 2020 have until August 31, 2020 to apply. At the end of the selection process, two winners will be selected to receive the “Jury Prize” and the “Favourite Award”.

These awards will allow the two start-ups to “access the Euroméditerranée experimentation area to test and deploy their solution in Marseille, in the heart of France’s second largest metropolis. The winner of the “Jury Prize” will receive €7,000 and the winner of the “Coup de Coeur Prize” will receive €2,500. In addition, the representatives of the two start-ups will be able to participate in important events such as the Emerging Valley International Summit (December 7 and 8, 2020 in Marseilles. The start-ups will thus have the opportunity to present their innovations to potential investors.

For more information on the competition, click here.

Jean Marie Takouleu


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