AFRICA: Ignite Power to acquire 300,000 solar home systems

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AFRICA: Ignite Power to acquire 300,000 solar home systems©Khamkhlai Thanet/Shutterstock

Solar kit supplier Ignite Power is tendering for the procurement of 300,000 solar home systems for rural electrification in Africa. Companies interested in the tender have until August 22, 2020 to submit their bids...

In order to implement its electrification projects in Africa, Ignite Power wants to acquire 300,000 solar home systems. The company has recently published a call for tenders for this project. The objective is to select a “reputable company that offers high quality solar home systems with solid experience and the appropriate certifications (LG, IEC or others)”.

Ignite Power will receive the various offers from manufacturers of solar home kits until August 22, 2020. After that date, Ignite Power will select a supplier. “Following our recent successes, we are expanding our operations to make an additional impact and increase our range of solar home systems through a structured and formal purchasing process (…). As we are growing rapidly, we are looking to acquire a large number of systems to meet demand,” explains Ignite Power.

New funding for its projects in Rwanda

Ignite Power’s tender comes as the solar system supplier expands its operations in rural Africa, particularly in Rwanda. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced proudly that it had provided 5,000 rural households with access to electricity in just two months.

The company’s track record is attracting the interest of financial institutions, which do not hesitate to support its initiatives. In July 2020, the company entered into a partnership with the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), the World Bank and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) to obtain more financing to enable the dissemination of its solar home systems in rural areas.

Supporting the Rwandan government’s electrification policy

The increased funding also allows the company to make its stand-alone solar systems more accessible to people living in rural areas with low purchasing power. Through pay-as-you-go (pay-per-use), households can acquire solar systems and pay for them in small amounts of up to 860 Rwandan francs (less than a dollar) per month.

“We are confident that this funding and partnership will enable Ignite to ensure affordability, reliability and scalability of its business model. Together, we will increase access to electricity in Rwanda in order to achieve the goal of universal access set by the Rwandan government,” said Kampeta Sayinzoga, President and CEO of the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) after signing the Ignite Power financing partnership.

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