AFRICA: Ignite and Tele10 sign agreement for solar-powered television

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AFRICA: Ignite and Tele10 sign agreement for solar-powered television©Hi-Point/Shutterstock

The solar home systems supplier Ignite Power has just completed its merger with Tele10, a distributor of pay TV channels. Through this partnership, Ignite Power is diversifying its offer in rural areas in Africa south of the Sahara.

As it is experiencing rapid growth in Rwanda, the solar home systems supplier Ignite Power has entered into a partnership with Tele10. The aim is to diversify its offer in rural areas and extend the distribution of its solar kits. It is in this context that the agreement with the Rwandan supplier of pay TV channels comes into play.

With this partnership, Ignite Power will accompany its solar home systems with televisions as well as the equipment necessary for access to pay TV channels such as decoders and satellite dishes. “This new offer will allow the company to extend its activities to hotels, restaurants and cafés located in off-grid areas throughout the country (Rwanda),” explains Arthur Houston, Ignite Power’s Managing Director.

The distribution of solar home systems in the DRC

According to the company, which currently employs more than 3,000 people, its partnership with Tele10 will target businesses located in off-grid and underserved areas, offering customers “an end-to-end solution including solar TV, solar panels and full access to Tele10 content, all in the most sustainable and affordable way possible”.

The provider of solar home systems installed in Kigali since 2016 also wants to build on its new partnership to develop its activities in all the countries where it distributes its electricity access solutions, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This high-potential country is now in the sights of many solar kit suppliers who want to do business by contributing to the electrification process in remote areas.

In DRC, Ignite Power will rely on its local partners to distribute its solar home systems along with equipment from its new partner Tele10.

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