AFRICA: FFEM launches a call for sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning projects

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AFRIQUE : le FFEM lance un appel à projets de froid et climatisation durables©Zdenek Venclik/Shutterstock

The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) recently launched a call for projects for "sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning" in developing countries, the vast majority of which are in Africa. Proposals are expected before the end of September 2020.

Sustainable cooling and air-conditioning project leaders could benefit from an initiative of the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM). This bilateral public fund managed by the French Development Agency (AFD) has recently launched a call for projects targeting innovations in the field of sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning in developing countries, the vast majority of which are on the African continent.

This innovation competition concerns civil society, public authorities, local authorities, research organizations, the private sector, foundations, etc. Projects for refrigeration and air conditioning that will be submitted by the end of September 2020 will be selected on the basis of their ecological and environmental sustainability.

The priority given to African countries

The FFEM also indicates that it will select projects on the basis of their contribution to sustainable development in one or more developing countries. In addition to being innovative, the project must also be demonstrative and reproducible, showing economic and financial sustainability and, above all, culturally and socially acceptable.

“Projects are specifically targeted that will enable sustainable cold production or air conditioning, promoting integrated approaches; whether by promoting equipment and installations for cold production and air conditioning, using so-called “natural” refrigerants, which are more energy efficient; or by alternative solutions without the use of refrigerants,” says the FFEM.

Support for project leaders

The French fund also states that project leaders should present innovations related to the dissemination, implementation and maintenance of equipment and facilities; treatment, reuse and recycling of equipment at the end of its life.

The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) will support each selected project with an envelope that can vary between €500,000 and €3 million. The funds will be used to co-finance the projects. The other part of the funding may be provided by financial partners who also support innovation. However, the FFEM has capped this external support at 70% of the overall budget for a standard project and 50% for “a project with a remarkable innovative character or in the case of projects led by actors from the South and whose co-financing comes from the South”.

For more information on the FFEM’s call for projects, click here.

Jean Marie Takouleu


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