AFRICA: Emerging Valley accelerates on biodiversity on 14 December in Marseille

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AFRICA: Emerging Valley accelerates on biodiversity on 14 December in Marseille ©Stephanie Braconnier/Shutterstock

The Emerging Valley international summit will be held on December 14th, 2021 in Marseille, France. For the fifth edition, Africa will be at the centre of discussions, with a particular focus on the impact of digital technology on the continent's biodiversity and sustainable cities.

France is hosting the fifth edition of the Emerging Valley international innovation summit on 14 December 2021. Africa will be at the centre of this meeting organised around fifteen plenary sessions and twenty workshops with themes on biodiversity and sustainable cities on the continent.

The invited start-ups will have the opportunity to discover how innovation and digital agility can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the construction of sustainable cities. Entrepreneurs Mathe Allah of African Food Nutrition from Burkina Faso and Khadidiatou Sar of the Mbawana Fish and Agricultural Farm from Senegal are expected to attend.

The 5th edition of Emerging Valley will explore technology initiatives for nature, and propose innovative mechanisms that Africa and Europe can engage in so that future generations can better protect wildlife through digital means. The work will be led by Lydie Beassemda, the Chadian Minister of Innovation, and Sarah Toumi, the coordinator of the Great Green Wall Accelerator, among others.

For the sustainable cities section, Euroméditérannée, the French public development institution and partner of the summit, will lead the theme on accelerating the emergence of the city of tomorrow in Africa and Europe. The Marseilles-based company will also speak on the issue of the weight of the informal sector and its realities on the ground at the heart of new urban innovations in Africa.

According to its founder Samir Albdelkrim, Emerging Valley, created in 2017, is dedicated to innovation that links Africa and Europe. The event promotes the meeting of ecosystems and innovators from Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe in order to develop in synergy sustainable and resilient solutions to current emergencies and challenges.

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