AFRICA: Bboxx launches bPower20, a more accessible solar energy solution

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AFRICA: Bboxx launches bPower20, a more accessible solar energy solution©Bboxx

Bboxx, a supplier of solar home kits, is expanding its products and services in Africa. The British company has recently launched a new solar energy solution for rural households and micro-businesses. The product is called "bPower20".

The company’s goal is to “better serve people in developing countries who have lower energy needs”. It is the objective of solar home systems supplier Bboxx to develop a product for rural households and micro-enterprises on the African continent. The new solution proposed by Bboxx is called “bPower20”.

A more accessible solution?

AFRICA: Bboxx launches bPower20, a more accessible solar energy solution©Bboxx

Bboxx’s new “Bpower20” solution for rural households and micro-enterprises©Bboxx

According to Bboxx, “bPower20” is a high performance energy solution, more affordable and accessible in terms of cost. The product consists of a 20 W solar panel and allows a daily use of up to 51 Wh. The new “lithium battery” technology has a higher energy density and can store more electricity. The “bPower20” solution is optimized to last longer than the previous ones, i.e. 6 years longer.

The “bPower20” technology is also equipped with an interactive screen allowing customers to communicate seamlessly with Bboxx teams thanks to “Bboxx Pulse”, the company’s complete management platform. Initially, the British company will deploy the “bPower20” solution in Rwanda, Kenya, Togo and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bboxx will then invest in other markets between now and 2021. The solar system supplier plans to use pay-as-you-go to facilitate the distribution of its new kits to rural households and microenterprises in Africa.

The company is thus strengthening its presence in Africa. Just a month ago, the energy company signed a partnership with Canal+, a French company specializing in the distribution of pay TV channels. Through this new agreement, Bboxx will now distribute TV sets and image decoders from Canal+, in addition to its solar home systems.

Inès Magoum

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