AFRICA: AMMP raises $1.15 million to distribute its off-grid monitoring solutions

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AFRICA: AMMP raises $1.15 million to distribute its off-grids monitoring solution ©Jen Watson/Shutterstock

AMMP Technologies, a company that provides remote renewable energy off-grid monitoring systems, has just raised $1.15 million. The funds will be used to distribute its remote monitoring solutions to solar energy providers in several countries in Africa.

Green off-grid is becoming a key means of electrification in Africa. The Dutch company AMMP Technologies has developed solutions for remote monitoring of these decentralized power generation systems. To improve the dissemination of its solution to off-grid providers, the company recently completed a financial mobilization that raised $1.15 million in equity financing.

The funds were raised from several development partners including Point Nine Capital, a venture capital firm based in Berlin, Germany; The Raba Partnership, an investment company specializing in financing software vendors; and the investment fund Musha Ventures.

AMMP believes that its solution is critical for the African continent where off-grid solar systems are multiplying. They are being built particularly in rural areas, areas that are sometimes difficult for solar off-grid or solar home system providers to access. “AMMP’s solutions enable users to minimize system downtime, proactively plan maintenance and obtain reliable information on system performance. Overall, using our solution has been shown to reduce operating costs by 30 percent,” said the Amsterdam-based company.

New products

According to AMMP Technologies, the platform currently enables the remote operation of nearly 1,000 renewable energy generation systems in 17 countries on four continents, from Colombia to Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sierra Leone and Kenya. “AMMP supports a wide range of assets, from rural mini-grids with battery storage to complex megawatt scale PV-diesel hybrid power plants and telecommunications towers,” the company explains.

Its platform is used by many companies that are very active in the solar energy sector in Africa, such as PowerGen, which installs mini-grids in rural areas in Nigeria, and Daystar Power, which provides solar power to Nigerian companies. According to AMMP, the funds raised from investors will allow it to expand its customer base while developing its range of remote monitoring solutions. The company also plans to develop a new energy-based solution for telecommunications infrastructure.

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