AFRICA: African Marine Waste Network to meet in April 2020 in Port Elizabeth-SA

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AFRIQUE : le Réseau africain des déchets marins se réunit en avril à Port Elizabeth©Neja Hrovat/Shutterstock

The second international conference of the African Marine Waste Network will be held from April 20-24, 2020 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a five-day international meeting to develop strategies to combat plastic pollution of the sea. The conference is organised by the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST).

The cost of marine pollution to Africa is estimated at several million dollars per year. The exact amount of waste entering the sea from the African continent remains unknown, but driven by economic development, the amount of waste produced is increasing steadily, slowly exceeding the capacity to manage it….

The objective of the second international conference of the African Marine Litter Network is to provide a platform to develop recommendations for best practices, which could inspire the action plans being developed in various regions of Africa. The keynote address, plenary sessions, panels and other discussion groups will be oriented towards the search for concrete solutions.

The African Marine Waste Management Network 2020 International Conference will be enhanced by sessions on research methods, innovative ideas, capacity building, regional efforts, harnessing the circular economy in African cities.

The objective of the African Marine Waste Network is to serve coastal and island African States by developing an active consortium of people and organisations working together within countries and across borders to help African people develop and implement better waste management strategies.

The first African Marine Waste Conference was held in July 2017 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The conference brought together approximately 230 delegates from 9 African States and 10 other countries from around the world.

The second conference, to be held from April 20 to 24, 2020 in Port Elizabeth, is organised on the theme “Towards Zero Plastic in Africa’s Seas”. The event is open to governments, NGOs, businesses, students and citizens interested in the fight against sea pollution.

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