AFRICA: AEF, the African Energy Forum, is stepping up its focus on digital and renewa

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AFRICA: AEF, the African Energy Forum, is stepping up its focus on digital and renewa

On 15 and 17 November, London will host the 23rd edition of the African Energy Forum (AEF). An event that will bring together public decision-makers, solar players, professional services and commercial banks around energy.

The African Energy Forum (AEF) is an international energy and gas investment event where policy makers and private operators discuss energy development opportunities in Africa. It brings together senior government officials and private sector executives to discuss opportunities for the development of public and private energy projects on the African continent. The 23rd edition will take place in London and, like 2019, is now almost exclusively focused on renewable energy, in line with key market trends. It is during this forum that the winners of the Afsia Solar Awards 2021 will be honoured. The African Solar Industry Association will have nominated 16 projects that have proposed excellent solutions to a problem in the solar industry.

The covid19 pandemic has forced companies and the Forum to reinvent them and redirect most of their actions to the internet. To this end, the AEF website has been redesigned and now offers a virtual space where the community can access content and opportunities related to the African energy market.

The fifth industrial revolution

The Africa Digital Energy Festival will take place from October 20th, to November 26th. In partnership with African Utility Week, Powergen Africa, the Oil and Gas Council and AEF, Africa’s largest digital energy platform will be open to the entire community under the theme: “the fifth industrial revolution”.

The specificity of the online event is that participants will be able to access all the key events through a single entry point. The event will enable players in sectors such as oil, gas, power, general energy, production, trade and mining to receive updates and business information essential to Africa’s energy professionals. A total of 120 highlights will take place during the six-week event.

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