ABEF 2019: Blue economy, propelling sustainable growth in Africa

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ABEF 2019: Blue economy, propelling sustainable growth in Africa© SAPhotog /Shutterstock

The Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) will be held from June 25 to 26, 2019 in Tunis. For the second edition, the focus will be on transforming the blue economy into an engine for sustainable growth in Africa.

More than 150 international delegates are expected in Tunis on June 25, 2019. Ocean experts, policy makers, entrepreneurs and investors from the water sector will meet at the second edition of the Forum on the Blue Economy in Africa. The event aims to accelerate Africa’s structural transformation in the maritime sector. The event is organised by Blue Jay Communication. For Leila Ben Hassen, CEO of this organisation, the ABEF forum should be able to encourage new investments. “This year, the forum is more action-oriented than ever, to create partnerships, facilitate investment and create jobs for African youth while engaging women in the blue economy value chain. It is impossible today to talk about growth if it is not sustainable and if we do not take into account its social and environmental impact,” she said.

Exchanges will focus on opportunities and innovations in the blue economy sector and how they can help accelerate Africa’s transformation.

The topics on the agenda are as follows:

– Public-private partnerships: incentives, opportunities and actions how can PPPs contribute to advancing a sustainable blue economy?

– Empowering Women in the Maritime Sector: How can we encourage and enable more women to join the industry?

– Fisheries and aquaculture: what are the latest trends and practices to improve food security and stimulate sustainable growth?

– Ocean pollution: what are the new regulatory tools and regulations in Africa?

– Ports and sustainable maritime transport: how can we increase capacity and efficiency to stimulate sustainable trade?

– Youth education: what can be done to build capacity and raise awareness of the blue economy?

– Innovative financing solutions: in what way can we unlock investments to develop the blue economy in Africa?

Further information about the ABEF forum is available via the following link: https://abef2019.com

During the first edition, held last year (2018) in London, participants identified the great business opportunities offered by the maritime and aquatic sectors in Africa. They effectively concluded that the continent should develop regional and national policies to establish a sustainable maritime governance system that would benefit the entire continent.

In Africa, the maritime industry generates nearly $1 trillion annually and the assets of the blue economy’s ecosystems have an estimated value of $24 trillion.

Luchelle Feukeng

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